Mirel’s Daughter

Sonia Photo vignette

“Sonia Turbowskia was nearly ten years old when her pleasant childhood in the village of Brusilov, Ukraine, was shattered. In 1919, following the Russian Revolution and the end of World War I, civil war raged between Bolsheviks, Ukrainian Nationalists, and die-hard Tsarists. The latter two groups saw the Jews of the Ukraine as fair game for plunder and murder.

“With her widowed mother, Mirel, and her sister Raizel, Sonia hides in the attic of their home as the first attack on their Jewish neighborhood unfolds on the street below. Thus begins Sonia‚Äôs harrowing tale of love and loss, despair and, finally, hope.

Mirel‚Äôs Daughter is a haunting novel that narrows the scope of war to one family, one child. Intimately told, it reveals the destructive power of hate and the enduring power of a mother‚Äôs love. Kay Gill‚Äôs depiction of hard-won survival retains its unforgettable immediacy long after the last page has been turned. Through imagination, memory, and research, she redeems compelling and appealing characters from a time as brutal as our own for contemporary readers to love and cherish.”

Sena Naslund, Editor
Author of Ahab’s Wife; Four Spirits; Abundance, A Novel of Marie Antoinette; Sherlock in Love; Adam & Eve.





“a wonderful story that needed to be told”

 - Louisville Courier Journal

“will touch anyone’s heart” ¬†

-The Voice-Tribune

“a tribute to the human spirit worthy of Anne Frank”

-Bob Hill, author of Double Jeopardy